DRUIDJS - A JavaScript Library for Dimensionality Reduction

Rene Cutura, Christoph Kralj, Michael Sedlmair

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DruidJS — A JavaScript Library for Dimensionality Reduction.
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Dimensionality reduction (DR) is a widely used technique for visualization. Nowadays, many of these visualizations are developed for the web, most commonly using JavaScript as the underlying programming language. So far, only few DR methods have a JavaScript implementation though, necessitating developers to write wrappers around implementations in other languages. In addition, those DR methods that exist in JavaScript libraries, such as PCA, t-SNE and UMAP, do not offer consistent programming interfaces, hampering the quick integration of different methods. Toward a coherent and comprehensive DR programming framework, we developed an open source JavaScript library named DruidJS. Our library contains implementations of ten different DR algorithms, as well as the required linear algebra techniques, tools, and utilities.