Visualizing Life in the Deep: A Creative Pipeline for Data-Driven Animations to Facilitate Marine Mammal Research, Outreach, and Conservation

Jessica Marielle Kendall-Bar, Nicolas Kendall-Bar, Angus G. Forbes, Gitte McDonald, Paul J. Ponganis, Cassondra Williams, Allyson Hindle, Holger Klinck, Markus Horning, David Wiley, Ari S. Friedlaender, Roxanne S. Beltran, Daniel P. Costa, Terrie Williams

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Illustration of an animated 3D humpback whale combined with a representation of several data streams used in our data-driven animation pipeline. The ribbons of data shown include: swimming and gliding data from an elephant seal, the waveform of a soundtrack generated from the beating heart of a narwhal, and notes of a custom musical score for one of our animations.
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