E-ffective: A Visual Analytic System for Exploring the Emotion and Effectiveness of Inspirational Speeches

Kevin Maher, Zeyuan Huang, Jiancheng Song, Xiaoming Deng, Yu-Kun Lai, Cuixia Ma, Hao Wang, Yong-Jin Liu, Hongan Wang

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Our E-ffective system supports understanding and exploring the effectiveness of different factors in public speaking.
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What makes speeches effective has long been a subject for debate, and until today there is broad controversy among public speaking experts about what factors make a speech effective as well as the roles of these factors in speeches. Moreover, there is a lack of quantitative analysis methods to help understand effective speaking strategies. In this paper, we propose E-ffective, a visual analytic system allowing speaking experts and novices to analyze both the role of speech factors and their contribution in effective speeches. From interviews with domain experts and investigating existing literature, we figured out important factors to consider in inspirational speeches. We obtained the generated factors from multi-modal data that were then related to effectiveness data. Our system supports rapid understanding of critical factors in inspirational speeches, including the influence of emotions by means of novel visualization methods and interaction. Two novel visualizations include E-spiral (that shows the emotional shifts in speeches in a visually compact way) and E-script (that connects speech content with key speech delivery information). In our evaluation we studied the influence of our system on experts' domain knowledge about speech factors. We further studied the usability of the system by speaking novices and experts on assisting analysis of inspirational speech effectiveness.