F2-Bubbles: Faithful Bubble Set Construction and Flexible Editing

Yunhai Wang, Da Cheng, Zhirui Wang, Jian Zhang, Liang Zhou, Gaoqi He, Oliver Deussen

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Using F2-Bubbles, a set overlay visualization can be generated automatically that is comparable to manually made bubble sets. With the synergy of the aforementioned interactions, the user is able to conveniently achieve visualizations that are comparable to manually made set overlays within a short time.In comparison, the visualization of Bubble Sets does not retain a similar style.
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In this paper, we propose F2-Bubbles, a set overlay visualization technique that addresses overlapping artifacts and supports interactive editing with intelligent suggestions. The core of our method is a new, efficient set overlay construction algorithm that approximates the optimal set overlay by considering set elements and their non-set neighbors. Thanks to the efficiency of the algorithm, interactive editing is achieved, and with intelligent suggestions, users can easily and flexibly edit visualizations through direct manipulations with local adaptations. A quantitative comparison with state-of-the-art set visualization techniques and case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of our method and suggests that F2-Bubbles is a helpful technique for set visualization.