Solar System

Hyemi Song

Room: 103

2023-10-24T23:45:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page
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Solar System is an audio-visual live performance that marries data visualization and sonification. The installation system employs sidereal period data from the eight planets in our Solar System to generate a live soundtrack and visualization. The mission of this endeavor is to use audible and visual media to allow humans to uncover and cognize with the always surrounding, yet invisible, Solar System. Each planet's unique data patterns (sidereal periods) contribute to this exploration by being translated with audible and visible media. The media stimulate audiences' cognitive senses, enabling audiences to tangibly experience the aesthetic wonder of the cosmic world, which is deeply interconnected with the entirety of the Universe and humanity on Earth. The inspiration and message of the Solar System project resonate with this year's theme, Perpetual Presence. Throughout history, data from the Universe has been employed to uncover the existence of unseen worlds, the Cosmos. The discoveries gleaned from the process have influenced numerous sectors of our humanity, communicated through a multitude of languages and approaches. Scientists use numerical data and textual explanations to communicate information about the Cosmos. On the other hand, artists use sensory media, such as visuals and sounds, to narrate the story of the Cosmos. This art project aims to manifest the continuous and timeless presence of the Universe where it surrounds humanity, employing artistic transformation of universe data to illuminate its enduring existence.