ExoplanetExplorer: Contextual Visualization of Exoplanet Systems

Emma Broman, Jacqueline Faherty, Laura Kreidberg, Sebastian Zieba, Charles Hansen, Anders Ynnerman, Alexander Bock

Room: 104

2023-10-25T03:54:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page
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The overview mode of the ExoplanetExplorer, showing glyps for exoplanets positioned in their 3D spatial context, together with some menus.
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Human-centered computing—Visualization—Visualization systems and tools; Human-centered computing—Visualization—Visualization application domains—Scientific visualization


An exoplanet is a planet outside of our solar system. Researchers study known exoplanets and gather data about them through observations and derived data. Ongoing efforts involve finding planets with an environment that supports life, which likely exists in what is known as the habitable zone around a star. Through a participatory design process, we developed a tool that enables the exploration of exoplanet attribute data and provides contextual visual information in a 3D spatial view that seamlessly presents an overview and a system view showing particular exoplanet systems.