Anchorage: Visual Analysis of Satisfaction in Customer Service Videos via Anchor Events

Kam Kwai Wong, Xingbo Wang, Yong Wang, Jianben He, Rong Zhang, Huamin Qu

Room: 106

2023-10-25T05:09:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page
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Customer satisfaction;video data;video visualization;visual analytics


Delivering customer services through video communications has brought new opportunities to analyze customer satisfaction for quality management. However, due to the lack of reliable self-reported responses, service providers are troubled by the inadequate estimation of customer services and the tedious investigation into multimodal video recordings. We introduce Anchorage , a visual analytics system to evaluate customer satisfaction by summarizing multimodal behavioral features in customer service videos and revealing abnormal operations in the service process. We leverage the semantically meaningful operations to introduce structured event understanding into videos which help service providers quickly navigate to events of their interest. Anchorage supports a comprehensive evaluation of customer satisfaction from the service and operation levels and efficient analysis of customer behavioral dynamics via multifaceted visualization views. We extensively evaluate Anchorage through a case study and a carefully-designed user study. The results demonstrate its effectiveness and usability in assessing customer satisfaction using customer service videos. We found that introducing event contexts in assessing customer satisfaction can enhance its performance without compromising annotation precision. Our approach can be adapted in situations where unlabelled and unstructured videos are collected along with sequential records.