The Reality of the Situation: A Survey of Situated Analytics

Sungbok Shin, Andrea Batch, Peter W. S. Butcher, Panagiotis D. Ritsos, Niklas Elmqvist

Room: 109

2023-10-26T04:57:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page
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This figure shows the design space of the taxonomy to describe Situated Analytics Systems. Below we show the four most commonly-appearing patterns extracted from a list of 47 situated analytics systems.
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situated analytics;situated visualization;augmented reality;immersive analytics;data visualization


The advent of low-cost, accessible, and high-performance augmented reality (AR) has shed light on a situated form of analytics where in-situ visualizations embedded in the real world can facilitate sensemaking based on the user’s physical location. In this work, we identify prior literature in this emerging field with a focus on the technologies enabling such situated analytics. After collecting 47 relevant situated analytics systems, we classify them using a taxonomy of three dimensions: situating triggers, view situatedness, and data depiction. We then identify four archetypical patterns in our classification using an ensemble cluster analysis. Finally, we discuss several insights and design guidelines that we learned from our analysis.