Exploring the Benefits of Geography on Power Network Diagrams

Merry Hoang, Sarah Goodwin, Michael Wybrow, Ying Yang

Room: 103

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This paper introduces an interactive visualisation that combines a spatial element to the single line diagram (SLD). SLDs are conceptual maps of the power network used by power engineers to understand the connectivity between assets of the network, study power flow, and maintain grid stability and security. Enabling users with varying degrees of electrical knowledge to understand the geographical aspect of the SLD was the key design goal. Developed through an iterative process, the visualisation intuitively transitions from an SLD view to a map view. Evaluation of the visualisation during, and following development revealed that the prototype was well-liked and that having a spatial element to the SLD was useful in understanding the geographical relationships in the power network. The evaluation also helped identify stakeholders with an interest in the hybrid view and showed the prototype’s potential utility in communicating technical data to electrical non-technical users.