Designing the Australian Cancer Atlas: Visualising Geostatistical Model Uncertainty for Multiple Audiences

Sarah Goodwin, Thom Saunders, Joanne Aitken, Peter D Baade, Upeksha Chandrasiri, Di Cook, Susanna Cramb, Earl Duncan, Stephanie Kobakian, Jessie Roberts, Kerrie Mengersen

Room: 104

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Human-centered computing—Visualization—Visualization design and evaluation methods


We present the visualisation design and development process for the Australian Cancer Atlas, which aims to provide small-area estimates of cancer incidence and survival in Australia to help identify and address geographical health disparities. An 18-month user-centered design study was conducted to visualise the small-area Bayesian model estimates, and in particular to enhance the communication of estimate uncertainty for multiple audiences: the general public, researchers, health practitioners and policy users. We document the methodology, design iterations, design decision-making, methods for reaching a wide audience and lessons learned for future atlases.