Toward Inclusiveness and Accessibility in Visualization Research: Speculations on Challenges, Solution Strategies, and Calls for Action (Position Paper)

Katrin Angerbauer, Michael Sedlmair

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Exemplar figure, described by caption below
Keywords of the position paper shown as a caleidoskope, as multiple perspectives are needed to gain knowledge about accessibility and inclusion.

The live footage of the talk, including the Q&A, can be viewed on the session page, BELIV: Paper Session 2.


Inclusion and accessibility in visualization research have gained increasing attention over recent years. However, many challenges still remain to be solved on the road toward a more inclusive, shared-experience-driven visualization design and evaluation process. In this position paper, discuss challenges and speculate about potential solutions, based on related work, our own research, as well as personal experiences. The goal of this paper is to start discussions on the role of accessibility and inclusiveness in visualization design and evaluation.