Remote Instruction for Data Visualization Design-A Report From the Trenches

Jan Aerts, Jannes Peeters, Jelmer Bot, Danai Kafetzaki, Houda Lamqaddam

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Teaching how to explore visual design space to a large group of students is challenging, especially if it needs to happen in an online setting. Using a combination of and miro, we were able to provide the students an environment and framework in which they could still be creative in creating, discussing and reworking sketches. was set up as a communication channel so that students could interact in a relatively natural and self-organising way. Sketches that they created individually at home were uploaded in miro and could be re-organised and annotated to lead to new versions.

Prerecorded Talk

The live footage of the talk, including the Q&A, can be viewed on the session page, Visualization Teaching and Literacy.

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