VIS Short Papers: CoVID-19 / Bioinformatics / Visual Analytics

Session chair: Alfie Abdul-Rahman

Room: 104

2023-10-25T04:45:00Z – 2023-10-25T06:00:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page
2023-10-25T04:45:00Z – 2023-10-25T06:00:00Z

The Role of Visualization in Genomics Data Analysis Workflows: The Interviews

Authors: Sehi L'Yi, Qianwen Wang, Nils Gehlenborg

Sehi L'Yi

2023-10-25T04:45:00Z – 2023-10-25T04:54:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page

Vis-SPLIT: Interactive Hierarchical Modeling for mRNA Expression Classification

Authors: Braden Roper, James C. Mathews, Saad Nadeem, Ji Hwan Park

Braden Roper

2023-10-25T04:54:00Z – 2023-10-25T05:03:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page

Enabling Multimodal User Interactions for Genomics Visualization Creation

Authors: Qianwen Wang, Xiao Liu, Man Qing Liang, Sehi L'Yi, Nils Gehlenborg

Qianwen Wang

2023-10-25T05:03:00Z – 2023-10-25T05:12:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page

Simulating the Geometric Growth of the Marine Sponge Crella Incrustans

Authors: Josh O'Hagan, Andrew Chalmers, Taehyun James Rhee

Andrew Chalmers

2023-10-25T05:12:00Z – 2023-10-25T05:21:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page

How "Applied" is Fifteen Years of VAST conference?

Authors: Lei Shi, Lei Xia, Zipeng Liu, Ye Sun, Huijie Guo, Klaus Mueller

Lei Shi

2023-10-25T05:21:00Z – 2023-10-25T05:30:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page

CLEVER: A Framework for Connecting Lived Experiences with Visualisation of Electronic Records

Authors: Mai Elshehaly, Lucy H Eddy, Mark Mon-Williams

Mai Elshehaly

2023-10-25T05:30:00Z – 2023-10-25T05:39:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page

Design of an Ecological Visual Analytics Interface for Operators of Time-Constant Processes

Authors: Elmira Zohrevandi, Emmanuel Brorsson, Andreas Darnell, Magnus Bång, Jonas Lundberg, Anders Ynnerman

Emmanuel Brorsson

2023-10-25T05:39:00Z – 2023-10-25T05:48:00ZGMT-0600Change your timezone on the schedule page

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